I especially love cows....they are tasty! lol Joke! I seriously love all animals and think some of em are cooler than most people.
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They also teach us so much.Sometimes is good to forget all the mechanism created by the human and just focus to really enjoy life,each breath,what it is.Coz in hour final days little matter posessions,money,or whatever superficial thing.Enjoy the little things in life,coz those are the big ones.


I agree. I would pick spending time with my dog anyday.

Its easier to love animals than people. They don't hurt you.

I love all animals its the two legged ones that irritate me.

haha I love animals too! I used to date a dairy farmer, I tell you what it was nice having 2 ton cows follow me around like lil puppies. only when they step on your feet cause they are happy to see you it doesn't feel like a puppy! ouch Just glad they were dairy cows so I didn't end up cuddling up to dinner.

Man, I know what you mean. Don't forget about how tasty pigs are.<br />
I would rather hang out with my little ribeye than any of my relatives haha