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Two Sick Puppies Take Themselves To A Human Hospital

Two emaciated puppies in desperate need of food and medical care took matters into their own "paws" when they walked into a hospital for humans in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Their rescue turned into a community coming together with help from the hospital, a news crew, and an animal shelter.

When the puppy pair walked through the glass doors of Christus Spohn Hospital Shoreline last week, they headed directly into the lobby where they waited patiently for help, alongside their human counterparts.

Jim Cato M.D. and his staff took pity on the skinny litter-mates and brought them into an office area where the dogs were given bits of sausage and bacon to ease their hunger.
Next the staff turned their attention to the Yellow pages, as they set about the task of finding an animal rescue group that would accept the puppies.

The Gulf Coast Humane Society Corpus Christi agreed to take the puppy pals, if someone would bring them to the shelter.
By that time a news team from Kiii-TV was on hand reporting the incident, so they decided to give the dogs a ride.

Dr. Cato and staff said their goodbyes and loaded the puppies into the back of the news crew vehicle.
A few minutes later, the sleepy dogs were placed in comfortable crates at the Humane Society.

They will be examined by a veterinarian, but expectations are high that they will be ready for adoption in a few weeks.

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goodogstay goodogstay 46-50, M 9 Responses Feb 14, 2012

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Awh, what a lovely story. Thanks

Very nice storieĀ”

Love the story Goodogstay, thank you for my smile today. I have a rescue kitty who wandered up to the hospital I work in. I picked him up and adopted him, I don't see how anyone can leave an animal to starve.

This is a cute story and I'm glad to see there are animal lovers out there and I am an animal lover myself too. But, at risk of being a party-pooper ... I wonder if two ragged human beings without medical insurance would have been given the same compassionate treatment in a US hospital if they arrived looking for help? Just wondering ...

Not a party-pooper, Miss Womaninbliss, I understand why you might think that. The media would make you think that we in America leave people on the hospital steps to die. It's happened, sadly to say, but I live and work in an area with more than a dozen huge hospitals. From the Childrens Hosp. to the University Medical Center to the Catholic hospitals....they all refuse no one due to lack of insurance. The huge cancer center for children in our neighboring state refuses no child on the basis of whether his parents can pay or have insurance. I'm sure every country has anecdotal evidence of someone being turned away, but for the most part we are a compassionate people in the medical community.

That's good to know AutumnFrost ... as you say, the media would lead us to believe otherwise!

Aww this cute story warmed my heart :)

Thoes poor little souls, it just goes to show that these pups could sense they would recieve the help they needed by heading throw thoes doors (BUT HOW DID THEY KNOW)? a bit spooky too.

Two thumbs up fot sharing this! Thank you!

What a beautiful story! And yes, quite amazing! These kinds of stories warm my heart! Thanks! : )

Aaaaw, how sweet....this brought tears to my eyes! I'm a sucker for rescuing my furry friends, I have a houseful! How amazing the puppies walked into a hospital where the staff was kind and didn't shoo them out.....little miracles happen everyday and I love hearing about them. Thank you for sharing, my friend ;)