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"She Cried While She Ate"

Source: Care
Feb 12 2012

"She Cried While She Ate": Unchained Dog Overcome With Joy.
By Kirstie Hendricks, Dogs Deserve Better Representative for New York

"I received a call about a sweet dog chained to a tree, needing to be spayed and perhaps re-homed.
The caller knew that the owner would allow the spay, but was unsure whether he would allow me to re-home to a family who would allow her indoors.

Upon my arrival I found Darla chained to a tree, in a very secluded back yard, way down a hill where she could not even see the home.
Her shelter was a very rickety box with holes and lots of space for wind, water and snow to get in.
She spent more than three years living there and had puppies given away at a grocery store.
When she saw us coming, she was so happy that she whimpered and cried.
She did so as I petted her as well, she was just so happy for the love and attention.

The owner said she wandered into his yard and he kept her there because he was fearful that she would be put to sleep, since she was a pit bull.
With some education and compassion, he decided to let her go.

When I got her home, she cried while she ate.
She was just as overwhelmed with emotion as I was.
Darla is one of the sweetest fogs I have ever met.
She loves everyone and appreciates every ounce of love she gets".


There is a connection among all chained dogs.
They're all terribly lonely.
They all suffer hunger and thirst.
They all shiver in the winter cold and bake in the summer heat.
And they all deserve better.
They're sisters and brothers in a web of neglect and we aim to do something about it.
If you can help us to rescue chained dogs from suffering, to educate neglectful owners and to pass laws against chaining,
we need you now.

To see photo of Darla and to donate to help other chained dogs, go to:


goodogstay goodogstay 46-50, M 3 Responses Feb 15, 2012

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I cried while I read the story. Such wrongfulness is all too common. How sad that he "rescued" the animal only to place it in a living Hell. I have have heard old stories of how long, long ago, humans and animals were able to converse in language and speech, but due to one human's evil, they took back their ability to speak with us. I don't know the entire story, but it goes something along those lines.

Aww that is cute :)

She's so sweet! Thank you for sharing this.