I Love Animals

i love animal so much i am a vegetarian. i cant stand the thought of cruelty against animals
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I am a meat eater and a vegan but I still love animals, is that wrong?

God bless you to oppose cruelty to animals.

me too

Angie for animals I can appreciate your love for animals; our entire family, including our two kids, 7 and 10, are vegan from the day they were born. I also love humanity and I encourage you to find a way to set yourself free from the feelings you have against this person. You can't dissolve hate with more hate. Thank you for caring enough to stand up for what you believe! Love you!

This guy posted a video on his blog of him torturing innocent puppies. He is the most disgusting being that has ever walked this earth. I have the video on my blog and I am an animal activist. Please read my blog, watch the video and if you can't watch it then please still sign the petition to find him!! The links are on my blog.<br />
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