The Way That Nature Makes Me Feel. .

Ive always been a naturally nature orientated person i dont know why but its always seemed to run so deep in my veins, its like my love for nature just constantly keeps my heart on the go.
today was quite a blessed day in my eyes, i woke up with the loudest sound of rain hitting the ground outside my bedroom window, and i couldnt help but shake my boyfriend awake and ask him if he could hear the rain outside. it is the first time we have had alot of rain in South Africa for a couple of weeks now, i mean it does rain but not as it has rained like it rained today. today was a magical day, the smell of rain hitting the tar on the cobble outside, is a smell that i could love more than a bottle of paco robane perfume. . .ive always seen the world in a completely different way when it rains. its as if the leaves become brighter and the trees look happier, makes me want to sit outside amoungst nature and get lost in the world for a while. ive always been those types of people that when a rainy day happens and i sit staring out the window as the droplets fall, my imagination begins to run wild and i create stories in my mind. its almost like a fantasy starts to form in my mind like you would see in a movie.
its amazing how nature can take you to places you've never dreamed of:)
cocopopps cocopopps
18-21, F
Feb 18, 2012