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Federal Wildlife Agents Shoot 14 Wolves From Helicopters In Idaho

Lewiston, Idaho (AP) -- Federal wildlife agents shot and killed 14 wolves from helicopters in northern Idaho as part of an effort to help increase the elk population in the Lolo zone.{of Clearwater National Park]

The three-day operation earlier this month cost $22,500 and was carried out by USDA Wildlife Srevices and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game,

Through Wednesday, hunters and trappers had taken 22 wolves from the Lolo zone, while another six were shot from helicopters last spring, bringing the total wolf kills to 42.

In recent years, wolves have been identified as the primary cause of death in female elk and calves over six months old.

Before the start of the hunting season, the Lolo zone wolf population was estimated at 75 to 100, with additional animals crossing back and forth between Idaho and Montana.

goodogstay goodogstay 46-50, M 3 Responses Feb 27, 2012

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Ah, so sad... when will we learn to let nature take care of itself?

That ticks me off

I don't like this one bit. I think it was totally unneccessary. I ask myself WHY?

The answer to "Why?" is simple....Even though the wolves live in a National Forest, far from any cattle or sheep ranches, they do occasionally take down an elk, usually an old or sick elk....
Idaho & other western states ask the feds to shoot the wolves from helicopters, at a cost of more than $1400 per wolf, because they want hunters to have lots of elk to kill; and these states get LOTS of money from hunting permits....It's about money, pure & simple.