Yeah Animals!

i really believe i love animals almost more than people. ther'es a pet store by my house, I'm almost always there. i feel bad cuz they probably think i have nothing better to do. but sometimes that's all i want to do is be with the animals. they have open cages and you can pick them up and hold them. it really relaxes me and makes me really happy. i talk to them and i'm sure they can sense that i love them all.  i think my ideal life would be on a farm somewhere warm (of course) and just spend my days hangin with the animals....
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I do the same thing! When I was younger, I would pet-sit for my neighbors and spend all the money I earned on toys and gifts for my animals. I still love to visit pet stores/animal shelters in my free time simply for fun. But I try not to do that too often because I tend to want to adopt them all.

You are right. Rather than nurturing one pet in your house you are doing a service by picking many of them from cages and show your love to them which will keep them happy and joyful. Please do not bother for others or the shop owners and continue your past time in showering your love to the unfortunate ones looking for a new home.

we have a bird park near our house with losts of different animals when i am depressed i go their

ya verochka, i used to send resume after resume to a zoo not far from me, but no luck.....

I love animals too, a lot. You should try asking for a job at a zoo. i am sure they have some kind of training.<br />
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