May You Rest In Peace

Yesterday when i went school i went up on the 6th floor on a lecture hall just to see the view and to wait for a friend. I walked around a bit to waste some time when i turned a corner i saw a dead pigeon in the corner. I walked slowly over to it and saw a small pool of blood not too far away from the poor thing. I cat must of gotten it or something... I didn't know what to think. I just kept saying "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." over and over again. I didn't know what to do. I took a clean trash bag out a bin and wrapped it up. I cradled it while i took the elevator down to ground floor. I found a box and put him in there. I took him to an underground part of the school and put him on a bench while i looked for a place to bury him. I I found some nearby bushes and moved the fallen leaves so i could start digging a grave. I used a metal case of a notebook to dig, i bent and broke so i just used my hands. I tore roots of the bushes to i got get a decent hole. I cut my hands on something but finally the grave was decent. I got the poor thing and i took him out of the box and laid him in his shallow grave. I closed his eyes and covered him with the soft dirt and leaves. I took a couple of pencils out of my bag and broke a hair tie to make a cross for him. I said a few prays for him. I thanked god for allowing him to leave a full life and hoped that his family would be taken care of. Or her family. I just wanted them to be happy now. I left the metal case of my note book there. it says "keep calm and carry on". I thought it would be better with the birdy. I had no use for it. I thought the bird would...I don't know why.

I've done this sort of thing before. Made my friends come over and give a shovel so i could bury poor animals that were killed and give them a proper funeral. There is a cat at the back of campus that has been there for a while. I plan on bringing a shovel to school on monday. I'm a art major so no one will think it is too odd.
I just want animals to have a proper burial.
I love them so much.
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aww, thats so sweet of you. I am alot like that... One time I saw a dog get ran over and i cried. People left it there so i got my dad to bury him. All my pets have been buried and had a little funeral. I have a soft spot for animals. They have feelings too, right?

You have a huge heart filled with love and kindness. I admire that. Not alot of people would have done what you did. I to love to take care of them and saying a little prayer. Lord knows they have a soul too. Thanks for being you. We need more people out there like you.