Scorpion Mother

When I was a kid we lived in our tea estate cottage house.
One day evening it was raining. I was awaiting fro my mothers arrival, at the front door of the house. Rain water flowing in streams in front area of the ground.
I heard my mother talking to me.
"Baby, My son, It is raining heavy. Isn't it my Son."
I looked around, and looked at distance also. My mother was not at vicinity.
"Yes, mother. I cannot see you anywhere. From where are you speaking?"
"Shall I come in to the house my son?"
"Yes mother please come in. You don't have to ask it from me."
I didn't see my mother. But I saw a scorpion trapped between two water streams and trying to reach towards our home. I took a piece of rod and pivoted it on ground and tried to throw him.
"Please don't do that my son. I may die."
"Is it the Scorpion talking with me?"
"Yes my Son. Please let me come in."
I let him come in to veranda and placed at a hidden corner.
After some time my mother came home. I told her about the scorpion and shown her where I placed him.
She also approved my act.
Following day morning I looked at the place where I placed the scorpion. I saw she has brought about 5-6 small scorpions also with her.
I thought, that they are poisonous, and prepared a safe place with rocks above it at outside of my house and brought them all there.
I think they might got the the necessary protection there for the all rainy season.
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May 8, 2012