I Saved Him!

When I was in fifth grade I was at my Grandma's house with my Mom. We were petsitting her Cocker Spaniel while she was out of town. We were standing outside talking to my friend and her mother from their Jeep. We had Lighting, (My Grandma's dog) outside also he was just playing in the yard. Well as I was standing there and I saw what I thought was a cat from the distance. I didn't think much of it. Well the animal came closer and Lighting went running after it, Next thing I know the animal was attacking him! I not think went running after him and got between him and the other animal which turned out to be a fox. I managed to get Lighting away and I was running with him towards the front door and my Mom starts crying and I realized I had been bitten by the fox, He took a nice chunk out of my calf. I get inside the house with Lighting. I watched from the window as the fox tried to jump in the Jeep and go after my friend. She tried to run him over with the vehicle but he just wasn't dying. I hated to see him be hurt but there was really something wrong with him. Finally my Mom's boyfriend shot him and we had to call animal control and they tested him for rabies. It came back positive. I had to have a series of rabies vaccinations, In the end I recieved around 40 shots, Not at once of course. But all that mattered to me was that Lighting was alive and safe. And he still is.
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1 Response May 15, 2012

Wow, what a story. It was sad that the fox had rabies and needed to be destroyed. It was is equally a shame that you were bit and needed to get the old style shots. Must have been painful and quite an ordeal for you when you were so young.<br />
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But I will say, you had to have been really brave to step in and save your Grandma's dog. Many would have panicked and not known what to do.<br />
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It just goes to show what an amazing, exceptional young woman you are.