Mighty Mouse

I spent a long time at my grandpas house when i was little (about 5). One day i saw this mouse run across the floor. So I went and found a laundry basket and waited for it to come out from under the couch. Finally it came out and I caught it in the laundry basket....Little did i know that it had eaten the mouse poison that my grandfather set out...which was why I was able to catch it in the first place. After catching it I knew it was hurt or sick. I go in the bathroom and find the bandaids...thinking that when I am hurt my grandpa puts a bandaid on me and made me feel better so it had to work for the mouse right? Obviously I was wrong.. Mighty Mouse didn't make it but after a bunch of crying I convinced my Grandpa that a proper funeral was in order and he got buried in a shoe box in the yard. RIP Mighty Mouse.
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RIP little mouse !