Repairing An Injured Turtle

Yesterday I and a group of paddlers were cleaning up the Little Manistee River.  We came across a Wood Turtle with a cracked shell.  The whole upper right quadrant of the carapace was cracked and dislocated.  I put it in my canoe and took it home.

After my spouse tried calling some vets and animal rehab people, it was evident that other people really did not want to volunteer and help.  So we went ahead and did the best we could.  We cleaned the wound thoroughly, flushed and sanitized the area then put in some triple antibiotic ointment (both to at least keep infection at bay and to ensure that epoxy will not interfere with healing).  Then we used fiberglass/epoxy over that part of the shell to set it in place properly and hold it together.

The little guy/girl has perked up and is doing well so far.  It is walking far more normally than when we found it and is not listless as if it has an infection.  We plan to release it tomorrow.
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Has anyone told you how fantastic you are today??? Or that you made their day??? It's people like you that make me feel happy to be alive. With all the cruelty to animals stories I hear, I get so sad and depressed and my heart aches. But your story is so refreshing and sweet that I truly feel happier and more energetic from reading it! Thank you and please don't change the way you are. And believe me, he may not have said anything but that turtle is happier and healthier because of YOU! I just want to hug you! (not in a perverted, weird way- just in a genuine, innocent, I appreciate you and that you love animals kind of way.)

god bless you

I'm sure if the turtle could tell U it would thank both U & your wife. It was a wonderful thing 2 do.May U both be blessed 4 your compassion.Thankyou. mini

Great job!!! Did you know that superglue was originally developed as a surgical glue? LOL!! FYI, for future turtle repairs...

Actually I did. Some formulations are good for pharmaceutical use, and so I used it as a thread sealant for some fittings in radiopharmaceutical processing systems I used to design.

My hat is off to you and your wife

These acts of kindness and REAL love for natures beautiful creatures always make me happy and cry out of joy. <br />
*hugs, peace and love to you!

ah, GTR1400<br />
<br />
a lovely tale<br />
<br />
to capture, repair and release<br />
<br />
............... you have a kind and generous heart.<br />
<br />
thank you for sharing this slice of your humanity.<br />
<br />
respect, from robbie

You are welcome. Maybe thinking about that will get me out of my funk.

ah.... i don't think that good deeds will do that for you. how about being as kind to yourself as you were to the turtle..... find yourself, seek out what hurts, work at repairing it. respect from robbie

I saved a turtle once too. It wasn't hurt, but it was in the road and would have been hit by a car. I stopped the car, picked up the turtle and took him to a nice pond and released him. I hope he met some other turtles.<br />
<br />
You were really nice to help and injured animal.

And you are nice for keeping one out of harms way.

I put him on the passenger side on the floor. He kept trying to climb over. I don't think he enjoyed the car ride, lol.

that was so sweet of u guys<br />
humaneness isnt common for human<br />
go ahead

Excellent,well done.I was at a turtle sanctuary in Corsica recently It was started by a family who found the same problems whilst trying to get help for injured turtles. It was quite a site.

Thank you so much for sharing your story! It's wonderful to know that there are people out there who are willing to help out animals in need! The world would be a much better place if we were kinder to animals and to each other!

Oh, that is so sweet! Another happy and healthy turtle in the wild :)

Good for you! Kindness sends out ripples.