Snapping Turtles

Two weeks ago, on a rainy night, a pregnant snapping turtle laid her eggs near our grill. My home is about a quarter of a mile away from any water source--and it is quite an ordeal to get to one--considering we live at the tippity-top of a monstrous hill.  Regardless, next to my homes grill now serves as a mucky turtle nest, laden with beautiful eggs. 

I did a bit of research, and it seems that these eggs will hatch about 62 days from when they were hatched, which comes out around August 8 (coincidentally, my brother's birthday).  At any rate, I am worried that the tiny turtles inside those eggs will not make it to water safely--I fear that their mother is the dead remains on the side of the road at the bottom of our hill.  My neighbors are the culprits, I suspect.

When these turtles hatch, if their mother is not around, I will attempt to lead them myself.

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well i've worked with snapping turtles before...these ones were in their 'teens' lol..not sure about babies though....if it's a common snapping turtle, they can move their neck all the way around to snap at you...the älligator" snapping turtle cannot, so they are easier to handle. They can weigh 250lbs when they're full grown, and they have the second strongest jaws in all the animal kingdom...#1 spot going to the Alligator of course....just watch when it's hatching time, and maybe follow them down the hill...:) <br />
wish i was there to see

You don't really have to worry about the mother because I'm pretty sure that turtles have no maternal care... the young begin to fend for themselves as soon as they hatch, and already are hunting for small prey items! However, they are very vulnerable to being eaten by predators at that early stage.

do u have photos of them?

you said you've done research, i don't know much about turtles, do they imprint? i don't *think* so, but you may want to check before you try to lead them to water. if you're the first thing they see then they may think you're their mom.<br />
<br />
if they don't imprint (or if you don't mind raising some baby turtles for a while) then it would be great. it's really thoughtful of you to worry for their welfare and to do your best to help them along!