Birds Of Same Feather ...stick Together

We lived in an apartment and wanted to raise few chicks. One day we managed to get a dozen.
Twelve fluffy friends would run around and be happy ..but as days passed chicks died , untill only one was left.
It was the fluffy one. Yellow :)) Whenever i lied down on the floor, it would hop over me and start to walk over my entire did tickle me....but was cute
while i sliced onions it woild take it from my hands and run away. chicky and I, was a good time.
Then one day, i was fixing my blouse and accidentally the safety pin fell...ooops chicky ate it..sallowed!!! then it got sick....and died..chicken never last long ..others never mattered. But this one was my friend . Till now, I can remember the time we spent..together in the late afternoons....lazy but active..
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Ummmm,I like chicken!......I mean sorry for your loss!

fried or roasted...broasted ...i like chicken too ...

I love it all!!!

me too ...