The Bestest Friends!

I love animals - dogs, rabbits, horses, monkeys, etc.,

I have a dog.  He's the best!  He never talks back.  I can tell him anything.  He's such a blessing to have around.  He's a very social animal!  lol!  He loves people, & people love him. 

I had a rabbit for a while too.  My son & I are allergic to cats & a dog was too much for a working single mom in a small apt., so we decided on a rabbit. 

I love horses.  I love to horseback ride.  I went horseback riding in the ocean a few years back!  What A RUSH!  They are very powerful animals.  So majestic.

Oh I am the sign of the Horse in the Chinese Astrology. 


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Wow read my story

I agree with you=)

Yes. All animals are good and they reciprocate their love to you by their peculiar ways. It is nice to hear people tend to keep them even though at times you need to look for a care taker in case of some occasions or emergencies.