Man's Best Friend.

Something that i was lucky enough to witness, one of the most beautiful things i have seen. There's a guy in the town i live in, and he's a guy that you'd see regularly, and everybody knows him to see. He's a little bit strange, he rides a bike around town and talks to himself out loud. I don't think he is homeless but he definitely doesn't have a lot of money.
One day i was walking home, it was dark, must have been about 11 or 12. there was a group of rough teenage boys, we call them knackers, pretty sure everywhere has them, chavs whatever you want to call them. i saw them harassing him. first they just kind of stood in his way and wouldn't let him passed, they kept asking him ' where are you going? where are you going?'... i wanted to tell them to leave him alone but it was 12 at night on a dodgy road and i'm female. :/ all of sudden one guy pushed him and he fell in to the wall, i couldn't see much then because they were all crownded round him. i'd stopped walking at this point kind of deciding whether to help. all of sudden this MASSIVE dog came out of no where, he was huge. (found out after he's an irish wolf hound) he came pounding down the road toward them barking, really deep scary bark... anyway, the guys legged it, as you would... i shouted over to the man to see if he was ok and he just said 'yeah' and carried on walking. NOW he is known as the guy with the wolf hound... :) i see them around town all the time, him on his bike and the wolf hound plodding behind. :D
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Sep 14, 2012