Perfect Match!

I'm anything but normal, and my cat is too! Of course every animal is unique but my cat is kinda wierd. XD Sometimes when Im walking upstairs she starts running up and down the stairs like a bat out of hell! This always makes me laugh but not as much as when she drinks, no no no no she doesn't lap at the water, she dunks her paw in and licks it off! Sometimes when I'm just sitting and petting her she'll spazz and start to attack me(to kill) and when I hug her she stops. Not covinced she's strange yet? Doesn't beg, eats yogurt, likes to eat plastic, obsessed with the light on the wall at the end of my bed, jumps in front of the TV when I'm watching to get attention, NEVER EVER sucseeds at burying her buisness in the litter box( throws litter in opposite direction and scratches at the wall), chases dust, hates milk, licks pop cans, and once she sits on you for some kitty cuddles, won't willingly get off no matter what you do, doesn't chase mice, and so many more I can't even count that high! She's very special and we all love her, shes my perfect cat match. Other then when she tries to kill me >:3
2Tailed28 2Tailed28
18-21, M
Nov 28, 2012