My False Heroism. (the Last Part Of This Story Is In The Comments)

It took me a couple days to remember everythin tht happeded. Some things are still a little vague.
On October 25th of this year i called my mother to come get me my neice n my grandma. We pull up infront of her house and she says oh no theres a fire. So i looked around to see where shes talkn bout. And the guy across the streets house had smoke pouring out of the windows. My mother tells my brother to call 911 and then sayd theres anials in there. Which i forgot about untill then. The guy had 2 dogs and 2 gorgeous cats.
I ran over to the house n i checked if the doors were unlocked.. by this time my mother told my brother to get a ball bat n help me. Both doors were locked but one had its window broken enough for me to stick my arm n there n try to unlock the door. But it didn cross my mind tht 5 seconds ago when i was runnin up to the porch i seen the windows at the front of the house falling out. When i tried to unlock the door i almost had it but the dog barked at me n i blacked out,this is the part i had trouble remembering.. so i pulled my arm out of the door n turn around to the other one n hit it as hard as i could with the pinky side of my hand. It busted the window out and a big cloud of smoke hit me in the face. But then i see my hand and its gushing blood skin hangin off of it and a big gash. So i decide its time to stop. My mother n brother were comin across the street wen i ran back down the steps. She starts flippn out on the phone with the police. So she put me on the phone....which was not a good idea because i was not calm and tht motha effer kept tellin me to calm down. My mother got a sweater to hold pressure on my hand.
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Some guy came over to us n helped me wrap it up. We waited for the paramedics n he helped me stay calm.....until the guy came runnin down the street screamin his animals are in there then i felt like i was gna die.....literally.. i went to the hospital n they stitched it up... it didnt rly hurt.. the only pain is tht i culdnt get the animals out. But atleast it wasnt the fire tht killed em it was the carbon minoxude... so tht guy got to bury them..