Dogs Are Better Then Men

My first service dog was a chocolate lab named Bear that I rescued from an abuse case. He was my constant companion and right hand for 16.5 years.  Losing him hit me like nothing else I can compare. 

I knew I had to move on and find a new service dog but I just couldn't connect with any other dogs.  After working with and re-homing 5 dogs I finally adopted a bichon friese.  He is a 9 pound buddle of fluffy love that has allowed me to open up my heart and learn to love and trust another dog in my life. 

He too went through training and is now my constant companion.  He knows when my blood pressure is up, he monitors my temperature and he also knows before I do when I am starting to feel weak or sick.  He is always willing to be wherever I am, even if I have to stay in bed all day he stays right by my side. 

I have been very blessed to not only have 1 but 2 amazing service dogs in my life.  I can not say how much my dogs have really supported, helped and cared for me over the years.  I would never be able to remain independent without the help of my service dog.  He means the world to me.
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When I read the title I thought (arent dogs and men the same thing?) Lol I think I'd prefer the type of dog u mention here! I may consider getting another dog only this time one with four legs Lol

Awe Is that pain I hear in your words? Im praying with u babe! God bless!

I dont deal with negative ppl Im above that. negativity makes u weak mentally and physically. I came to EP for support and a few laughs here and there to pick my spirits up. Not to offend others or be offended. I look forward to get'n old but I hope I dont become bitter with old age like some