My Flatmates Cat

So, today, I have the day off. I have a gig to play in about 7 hours, and I'm nervous as hell...

Today was also the day my flatmate brought home her cat, which was living at her friends house since way before she bought the house we currently live in. I used to hate cats because they weren't very good companions (not as good as dogs anyway) and were generally lazy pets.

We live in a pretty big house, and she told me shed owned this cat for close to seven years.

So anyway, all three of us sat in the lounge to sort of 'get to know' this lazy cat. To be honest i didn't care at all about this animal... But then it happened....

She opened the cat carrier and she walked out, and was obviously worrying about her new surroundings. She spent around 10 minutes looking around and avoiding my flatmates, who were trying to get to know her.

So, after 10 minutes, for no reason she sat at my feet looking at me (I was on the couch) then she jumped onto my lap and fell asleep!!! It was the most adorable thing I've ever seen!!

So now, for some reason she waits outside the bathroom when i take a shower, and spends most of her time in my room. As we speak shes asleep on my pillow, molting so much...

Needless to say, in one night this cat changed my view on what 'companion' means.

Oh, thought i should add, Mitzee's owner is pretty pissed off at her, because she slept in my room instead of hers... mwahaha
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

That is so funny. My cats used to be all excited to see me whenever I was back from work, if I ignored then they would be hanging from my jeans with their front paws clawing them while the rest of their bodies would sway back and forth as I walk around the house, staring at me with glowing eyes that silently say - "ain't gonna leave you until you aknowledge me!"

Aww, that's a cute story. Yeah I like cats a lot. I thought they were lazy at first but I find that's only true for the domesticated ones, the one you buy at stores like Petsmart or Petco. Wild cats are...pretty lively and are always one step ahead of you(they're pretty smart..). Before meeting those cats, I thought that all they did was stay quiet and sleep all day, but I still like them. They're fun companions.

I have no real prejudice anymore about dogs vs cats. They each have qualities that we humans can learn from. Cats lazy? Ha! I know of cats that purposefully go in search of the treats hidden in the cupboard above the counter, and with a little trial and error, can usually open the door. I have even heard of a cat who tackled and clawed an intruder. Or how about a cat who meowed like crazy to wake up her human because the house was on fire? Also, cats teach us how to be more Zen about life. Just watch a cat laying belly up in a sunbeam. Talk about truly living in the moment. And if ya hadn't noticed, they are experts at asking for what they want. Humans should follow suit more often, I think. Sure we need to show compassion and think selflessly, but there is a HUGE difference between simply being sweet about selflessness, and being a total doormat. "Zen Independence" is what characterizes the overall feline modus operandi.

As for dogs, their exuberance can teach us a lot about living life to the fullest and forgiving those who harm us. Dogs are often seen as more loyal, but too much loyalty can be damaging, especially in harmful situations. Like I said, there is a big difference in being sweetly selfless and being a doormat.