::i :saw:my:first:owl::

Ever since I can remember,i have been feeding the squirels and birds in the woods near my place.I was tosin pnuts and makin squirel talk,and some bird whistles! Usualy my frends hear me and scurry down from the trees,but today,it was quiet!! I was lookin around,and bout20 feet away,on a branch about my hieght,was the biggest bird I ever saw up close....I stared at it,and it stared rite back!.. Then it blinked and I took a step back((ha,i wasnt scared))..Then it just looked at the ground.I didnt move for a long time,just starin at it! It would turn its head back and forth,almost all the way around,stop to look at me and blink,and look at the ground again!!
I looked it up soon as I got home.Its called a Barred Owl,sometimes called a Hoot Owl or a Swamp Owl!! Thats funny cause it was near my swamp fort!
It was bout 14-16 inches high with a big face and eyes..
I always heard Owls before,and they always spooked me,one time I even ran home from tryin to sleep in the swamp fort cause i got to spooked,but now that I saw one,im not afraid anymore,cause it was so beautiful,and calm,,the opposite of me,,haha!!
I have seen everything on tv or the movies,but this was my first Owl in real life,and it was just totally awesome....kaydee....
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3 Responses Dec 7, 2012

o wow. i love owls. good story kayde.

A super great story! Owls are mystical birds and this could be a crossroads thing. At times the earth spirits try to guide us to better paths in life but we gota find them. Im not a Shaman so I cant help much. Think on all the stuff you did after seeing the owl and look for anything that was strange. Thanks for sharing this story with us,

I felt exactly the same when I read your story. Do not stray from the path youre on. I think its a good path.

way cool story kaydee !!! i usta see them a lot in CO haha .