Always Wanted 2 Be A Veternarian

I've always LOVED animals...i used 2 own cute little gerbils, hamsters, cats, dogs, bullfrogs...u name it, i liked it growing up...its funny that most people fear rodents when they are the most fascinating, lovable, and sociable creatures in the animal kingdom.

The Animal Planet show is always on...and I grew up watching Omaha's Wild Kingdom on my grandmother's television.

My plans 4 becoming a veterinarian became derailed in highschool when i had an unfortunate event happen 2 me: an overly skeptical guidance counselor told me that i didn't have a chance in passing the vet test. Maybe she didn't get the memo where i was on the high honor roll She told me point blank 2 choose another profession.

Heartbroken, i turned my thoughts to writing and about a wild and wacky kingdom there.

I still mourn that i didn't tell the counselor 2 shut her mouth and listen 2 the voice of reason....but i still ADORE animals and i wish that anyone who has a dream of becoming a vet, don't let anyone or anything stop you!

here is a cute video that warms your heart immediately:
Justice4All1968 Justice4All1968
41-45, M
Jan 11, 2013