I'd Love To Have Goats!

My parents' home is close enough to the outskirts of the town for us to buy a piece of land close by so I could keep goats. I'd love to have my own herd.

Although I wouldn't like a pet cat I don't mind them.

Chickens would be good for fresh eggs daily.

I'd love my own horse!

I like salamanders, so it would be great to keep lizards maybe.

Animalkind only occupies ten per cent of the land mass of ther Earth. I was shocked to learn how small a piece of wilderness they have left to exist on.
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3 Responses Jan 12, 2013

I have goats and chickens. I'll sell you some. Give it a try Anuledroan. Milking a goat is neat. You might also try honeybees.

Goats are interesting. American French-Alpine wethers make excellent animals for backpacking.

My wife and I have used them in the Popo-Agie and Escalante wilderness areas. They carry up to 60 lbs each and are far less injurious than other pack animals. Plus, they seem to like people. Check out "The Pack Goat" by John Mionczynski. Those animals are adorable.

I'd love to have a pet goat! They are adorable. My boyfriend thinks its strange and odd but i want a goat :)