No Dog Left Behind

My family moved to a different country a few years ago, and we had to leave behind three of our beloved dogs. It was a terrible feeling leaving them behind. We had a caretaker look after the house and the pets, and would fly home to check on them very often.
I grew up having pets and considering them part of the family. We had pet ducks, chicken, turtles, fish, cats, rabbits, and dogs. It was a big family, and it was a loving one. So it was the hardest decision we made when we had to move, but our hearts got left behind.
Three years after the move, I have somehow convinced my mom to fly the dogs over. And we could have people arrange the move for us. This time, it wasn't so hard to decide, we all missed them badly, and we all wanted them to come over.
The transition of living in a house and living in an apartment had to be considered. We used to stay in a house, with a huge lawn and backyard. Now, its just the apartment.
After a thorough check with the vet, the good news was, one of them, the youngest could fly without any problem. Sadly, our two much older dogs weren't fit enough to fly. We were heart broken. But we had to somehow give them a home where there would be more people and not just the caretaker.
It was all too sad, when one of them passed away in old age before we could even try to rehome him. But we were there with him, so I guess he died knowing he'll always be our dog. The other older dog went to my aunt who also loves dogs. And we still continue to visit him from time to time bringing home treats he love.
The good news is that the youngest dog, finally meets her new dog friend. They both started out rough for the first two days, but are now the best gal pals. Going to the dog-park is one thing they look forward to being in the apartment all day.
In the end of it all, no dog got left behind. Because all of them remain in our hearts. From the very first puppy we got, to the ones with us now.
lonelydinosaur lonelydinosaur
26-30, F
Jan 14, 2013