2 Cats...and 13 Dogs

4 years ago...my brother's girlfriend said her cat gave birth to 5 kittens, and since she couldn't raise all those 5 and the mother, she gave me two of those kittens, a boy and a girl, Fievel and Bernadette.

3 years ago...my uncle gave me a dog, and I named her Jenna. In 2 years, Jenna gave birth to 12 puppies (6 puppies each year), 6 boys: John, NeYo, Bruno, Balto, Sam, Toby and Tabby, and 6 girls: Angel, Angela, Carrie, Effie, Lara and Baby.

All in all, we had 2 cats and 13 dogs...HAD

Fievel and Bernadette only spent a week in our home, until Dad said that he left the gate open and Bernadette ran out of the house. We tried to find her, but we never saw her again.

Mom and Dad said that the house was too small to take care of 12 puppies, so we had to give them all away.

Now, we only have 1 cat, Fievel, and 1 dog, Jenna.

The cat and the dog--even though they were known as enemies--can be best friends too. Fievel and Jenna play together, eat and drink on the same bowl together, we both give them a bath at the same time in the same tub, and they even snuggle up in the same bed. It was really weird for me to see them like this, because when Fievel still had his sister and when Jenna still had her puppies, they weren't this affectionate at each other at all. In fact, Fievel always used to have bite marks and scratch marks from Jenna!

I think the reason why fate bought them this close now is because they realized that they needed each other because they already lost their own kind in our house. It was such a lesson for me to learn that we should "love our enemies", and today Fievel and Jenna are spending almost 4 years in our house together.

Now who says that a cat and dog can't be the best of friends? :)
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1 Response Jan 19, 2013

I have some cats & 14 dogs, they are all rescues. You should go to a vet & have them "fixed" & you won't have any more pups & kittens. I am not looking to give you a hard time, but its a good thing to do.