Bunnies Are Misunderstood

I love animals! I have a cat and a bunny. I feel that pet rabbits are largely misunderstood. People pick up these animals on a whim and keep them in a small cage for the majority of their lives. They grow larger than you think and need lots of room to run around and stretch their powerful legs! They are also very social creatures by nature and do not enjoy being alone. My bun has such a great personality. Her favourite treat is banana and when she eats it, her bum twitches with delight! When she is happy to see you she will hop up and buzz, sounding just like a big bumblebee! She loves to be petted, but not picked up. Bunnies live in the ground and so it is unnatural for them to be up at any heights. If I have to pick her up to cut her nails, she will let me know she disapproves by stomping her back feet loudly on the floor. Bunnies require a lot of work cleaning up after them. You can litter train a bunny, but they are territorial creatures and will often use the bathroom on your floor to mark it! My bunny does her rounds around the house in the evening and will visit her favourite corners to leave a few rabbit buttons behind... I am constantly following her around with a broom! Bunnies do not do well in outdoor pens. The temperature can get too hot in the summer, not to mention the threat of stray cats tormenting them through the cage. Before adopting a new bunny, I urge people to do their research on the level of commitment they will have. Bunnies can live up to 10 years or more. They can be a lovely, quiet companion in the home, but do not deserve to spend their lives behind steal bars.
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

I agree. I had a bunny many years ago. She ran free in my apt. and was trained to go, except for her pellets,
in her open cage. She would hop to greet me when I came home from work and loved to have her head rubbed. Unfortunately, people don't realize what good companions they are