New Dog

I recieved a new puppy a couple months ago. It was so cute i took care of it when it was only two months old and now its alder so  leave it outside. Its sad though because now that its outside i hardly spend time with it and now it hardly listens to me.
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where did you get the idea to leave your dog outside when he got older?he must have felt rejected and abandonned,dogs understand and feel so much, they are more like us than some of us would like to admit,they will defend you with their lives and protect you no matter what,I could tell you some stories that would rip your heart apart about the devotion of some animals,who ever taught you that they are not as important as human?please visit the web site "the rainbow bridge"and read the beautiful poem there and read the wonderful stories.You need to learn more about animals and that they are a blessing and one of the most beautiful gift nature has given us human who sadly have exploited them many time and taken their love for granted.

Yes, please don't make your dog live outside. They want to be inside by your side. If you can''t do that, consider contacting a rescue group that will rehome your dog with someone who will not segregate it.

I agree with the last two posters.

Your Dog will become a lost soul if left outside to it's own devices, it's not like it can pack up and move when the person it took on to love places them outside the home. Home is where the Heart is and your Dog needs to come back in to the home. God Bless and never underestimate the power of Animals in healing and unconditional love.

Your not an animal lover if you can leave your dog outside!!!

I have owned dogs for 45 years, and they always lived in the house, they were part of the family. I do not see the point of having a dog if it is never to be allowed indoors and be in your company.

Puppies and children are the same. If you don't pay much attention to them they lose interest in you. It's too bad your dog has to stay outdoors now. Dogs need to live indoors with their people. How sad for your dog. We have two bassett hounds who have a pet door - so they can go in and out as they please - they sleep with us and give us so much love - you know dog is god spelled backwards don't you? I know it can be hard if parents do not feel this way about animals. My mother was not into pets - thought they were germy. But, when I got my own house, she couldn't make me keep them outdoors which was wonderful.