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I Have A Baby Goat In My basement

No really :) her name is doodles and she'll be going back outside in about a week but she's so cute. I live on a farm with 50+ goats, several cows, a peck of rabbits, chickens, cats, dogs, and even a couple llamas just to keep you guessing. So I think it should be pretty obvious that I love animals. Message me if you wanna discuss animals or anything and have a great day. Thanks for reading. :)
TheMNDreamer2013 TheMNDreamer2013 18-21, M 2 Responses Jan 24, 2013

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She's in the basement because her mom disn't really want take care of her so we are letting her get a strong start and then she can join everyone else in the barn. And the basement is unfinished and easy to clean.

How come the goat's in the basement? I adore animals too, but I live in the city so don't have any farm goin on here... lol Thanks for loving and I caring for so many animals!