They're So Cute and Adorable

I really love animals, and I think that they're cute and (most likely) huggable. They're not like humans, they don't have any problems. All they are concerned about is they're usual running or eating or sleeping, lol, which I think is cute too. Horses, kittens, rabits, and puppies are my favorite. I think that all of them have a special connection. Animals live in peace, and they are independent, I wish if humans were like them too. We used to have two rabbits, one mine and one for my brother. We traveled so we kept them with a person. They had six rabbits but the temperature was so hot that all of their six rabbits died and after a few days they died too. I still feel sad and sorry for them. I think that that's what's unfair for them, they don't harm anyone and yet they die too soon or get killed. However, animals are really adorable and cute :)
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aawwwwwwww sowi

Too bad tht the information u gave is a bit too late :( but il try to keep it in mind the nxt time we get any rabbits, thank you.

Rabbits can be kept cool in the heat by being inside in the air conditioning, kept in shade, and kept with frozen water bottles in their cages for them to lay up against. They are very susceptible to the heat and must be watched closely.