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I am not a vegitarian, But I do love animals.I get pissed when people kill animals for sport and dont use the meat. I can not resist petting any kitten I see,I really can not go to the animal shelter cuz I will leave with a new pet.When I am driving I will slow down for any animal in my way(I wont cause an accident but if I hit an animal I start to cry).

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I was a vegetarian (though never a vegan) for many years, and it got boring. My abstention from meat (little Catholic joke here) was not my ethical reasons; I always used to say that I did not like the texture of meat. Now, I eat meat (mostly lunch meat and bacon) on a regular basis. However, I hate how animals are treated in factory farms, and I wish that there was a reasonable way to know that I am not giving money to a farm or slaughterhouse that mistreats their animals (e.g. giving them needless pain). It is disturbing to hear that one hamburger may be derived from numerous cows; could not there be an efficient way to separate the meat from each animal?


I believe humans are meant to eat both meat and vegetables. Some animals are born simply for food. What is important is the quality of the animal's life. I would never eat veal for that reason. Every animal, whether intended for food or not deserves to be treated well (given ample room, kept clean and well fed). And if you kill it, eat it. Our bodies suffer from too much meat. I raised beef cattle, chickens, pigs, etc. and they were all kept clean and healthy. They were honestly loved and (stupidly) given names which made it difficult to eat the organic food we produced. I loved my animals. Every living thing has value. Note: don't spend too much time scratching a cow between the ears. It wakes up the butting instinct and they love to play. They play rough. Two broken ribs and a broken collar bone taught me that lesson. Now my only animal is one insane Jack Russell Terror. I adore him despite his insanity. I cannot watch Humane Society ads on TV. I want to hurt humans who mistreat or neglect animals. Guess I like animals more than humans in many ways. Animals are what they are; humans frequently deceive.

You don't have to be a vegetarian to love and respect animals. I'm secretary of an animal rescue, and I still eat meat almost every day. For me, it's more about caring for the animals that come to me alive, rather than trying to save every animal on the planet from pain or suffering.

You should give vegetarianism a little try and see how it feels! I used to be the biggest carnivore, but in the back of my mind I was always a little troubled about the fact that animals suffered horribly and then were killed just to satisfy my hunger, when I could be easily getting my nutrition from elsewhere.<br />
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The trick is not to start out too big, just find a few meat substitutes that you don't mind. Vegetarian mince, for example (seriously, regardless of the animals nobody who values being ALIVE should be eating mince given what goes into it). And vegetarian sausages (same as for mince!). <br />
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Then there are vege-burgers, and lots of other treats about. Even if you never end up being vegetarian, it's nice to think that there are ways to scale back how many animals *do* go into your diet.<br />
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And if you do become vegetarian, you might find that a small part of the world makes just that much more sense :D