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I'D Rather Spend Time With My Dog Than Any Person Out There

I know that's sad but it's true. With kobi I'm not judged. I'm just loved. Unconditionally loved.
walkonthewildside walkonthewildside 26-30, F 12 Responses Nov 19, 2013

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I know how you feel they are always there for you and accept you unconditionally. True love :)


I lost my dog two days ago to a truck im hurting so bad

i'm so so sorry to hear that :( :(

it sucks so bad

Nothing like having a pet!
I have a black lab and he is my world! :)
What breed is Kobi?

i got him from a shelter they said he was a pure breed rottweiler but as he's got older he has many features of a doberman so maybe was a cross between the two...he's too slender his body facial features to be a rottweiler and his ears are typical doberman...he's such a sweety face though very good natured little thing.... i love labs! god what cute puppies they make :) family has a cat. She likes company and comes on my lap or stomach sometimes when I'm watchin TV:) I play with her more than our dog. But still...even tough animals are nice and cute and all, I'd prefer a nice (or "bad", not discriminating, haha) and cute girl and love which comes from her over a pet, haha. Something I'm yet to experience.

you will experience it. but nothing beats coming home from work, seeing my boy acting like he hasn't seen me in years, can't even put my stuff down, change without him jumping on my bed, trying to lick my face, giving me his puppy eyes. he's just SO CUTE. only drawback is it's cold and he needs his walk. crap lol

I really love walking. I walk often with my dog. Once I walked over 10 km with him. But that was by accident. I kinda got lost, haha. Usually I walk 3-6 km with him. But I haven't done that recently a lot cause of work. Days are short and I'm always sleep deprived :D Anyway...your story reminds me a video I saw on Facebook. Of a cat. The master come home after a year "I'm hooome" and the cat was on the coutch just watching like "yeah, whatever" ;)

hahah lol i love cats too but you have to earn their affection. Dogs just give it willingly.

I only have to look at my cat and she's already terrified and her pupils grow since she's already thinking if I'm gonna play with her and get on her nervs again :D

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Lost my one and only best friend recently. Tell him you love him all the time, I loved spending time with mine, he was my rock and my strength.

so sorry :( i do and he knows it

I's so the same thing. Animals are just amazing.

lovely post and enjoy your love to your dog. How would you describe your feeling in your unconditional love ?

its the nicest feeling when i see him and hes so thrilled to see me or when im watching tv and he lies with me protecting me or staring at me with his big puppy eyes i just love him so much :) he brings me so much joy

But your soo excited about killing kittens?

lol it's not got anything to do with animals. stupid name i agree but def no animal harm

I dont have any animals
but I dig what you are saying
they are so lovably loyal

u seem like a cool chick
feel free to take kings friendship
thank god i have found another
brit chick! lol


i know what you mean. it's a sad truth. but pets offer better company than anyone i have met in many years.

it is a sad truth. when im not with kobi im horribly lonely. when im with him everything seems ok again. miss my love :(

It is such a shame that humanity chooses not to be more loving. Imagine how much better the world would be without all the negative constantly flowing like it does now.

to be honest i cant even imagine it.... sad that