I Have a Connection With Wolves and Dogs

I have always loved wolves and dogs. They are my favorite animals, and sometimes I feel like I can make friends with them in a better way than I can people.

I beleive I was a wolf in my past life. Whenever I see them, I feel like I could almost be one.

I wonder if this sounds wrong, if it sounds like I am crazy.

lolachicken444 lolachicken444
3 Responses Dec 30, 2008

I have that connection with the elements. <br />
I hardly ever get people. People hardly ever get me.<br />
<br />
Had dogs all my life. Could swear on anything "he" was more human then any human. Wolves are a passion, maybe because they are a rarity. Your very lucky. I think that's the new crazy anyway.

It doesn't sound crazy. I have a special bond with animals too, particularly horses and cats. Don't know what this says about me, but I would rather spend time with animals than people. They're kinder.

Lol I can relate with you when you said I can make friends with them better than people. :) It's easier to feel accepted with animals.