No Greater Love

i absolutely love animals, of any kind. they are helpless and at the mercy of their owners. i can't explain the warm fuzzies i get being around animals. there's a pet shop behind my house, i'm there all the time. i don't think there's anywhere else in my life that i feel most at peace at. If i'm feeling anxious at all, the animals take it all away. i'm so lucky, at this pet store you can hold any animal you want, so of course i'm all over them. there's no words for me to describe how it makes me feel to hold a puppy, who's looking up at you with those innocent eyes and then snuggles down in your arms very contented. it makes all the bad stuff in life go away for awhile............
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2007

Right on. i have 2 animals a black pomeranian named Kodi, and a short hair cat named Toni Boy, They can make me laugh, and are so loving. They are awesome!!! mother

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I know how you feel. Pets such as dogs and cats give unconditional love and they are so cute..Cheers, Tiffany123