Puppie Mills

I am 16 years old.  My mother started to do some research and she came acrossed puppy mills.  A puppy mill is best described as a horrific place in which mainly female dogs are bread over and over again until they die form it.  During their time alive, the dogs are abused severely, and are neglected to an extreme degree.  My first time ever doing something for animals was when we held a pro-test at Pet Land asking them to stop selling puppies. (This is because Pet Land buys the baby puppies from puppy mills.)  Being a puppy mill dog causes the baby's to have neurological issues and many die from all the problems they have from being in-bread.  I am now an active spokesperson for the dogs.  I am currently helping my mother with rescues and transportation's, as well as getting her training degree so we can start a business.  It has made me so much more mature and really opened my eyes.  I  love what I do! 

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Good job! Keep it up!<br />
My wife was kennel manager at Petland years ago. It was her job to inspect the dogs and reject the ones that were not good enough. (And you what happens to them.) That's why she quit. But before then, the rejects ended up at our house.<br />
Puppy mills should never be allowed.

You do a wonderful thing - I wish I was able to do what you do. Instead I volunteer my time rehab-ing stranded marine mammals. Very exciting work, but since I do not have the funds or the space to do what you do, I still get to have the same feeling. I wish there were more people in the world like you and your mom!