All of Them... Well Almost.

I have such a soft spot when it comes to animal's. I can watch TV and movies about people dying, but if an animal dies I will start crying, and most likely shut it off. On the top of my list of favorite animal's there are : horses, dog's, cat's, bunny's, gecko's, pig's, dolphins, hippo's, elephant's, giraffes, monkey's and other unique animals (panda bear's, sugar gliders etc.)... then there is an endless list of animal's that I care deeply for, but then there is a list that I am terrified of.
The main animal on this list is a snake... they absolutely terrify me.. even rubber snakes, or snake-like thing's, they make me hyperventalate and have extreme panic attack's, even just the though of them make me uneasy. ... I can't say that about any other animal's... except maybe the spiders in my basement, or misquitoes and other stinging bug's. I really don't care for them much.
Reptiles really creep me out, but as long as i have space from them I am usually alright... and fish i think are really creepy too, but same thing, if i have space i'm fine.

i'm done.
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Amazon army/harem? Yum!

Damn straight, I have my own amazon army/harem

Enough of the lovefest guys. Self proclamation is nothing compared to the adoration of others. Of course now you'll tell me you have that anyway.

I know, I'm so brilliant I have alpha particle radiation coming out of every pour on my body.

Whatever the cause, socios are pretty damn smart. Case in point, I was the smartest person I knew before meetin' Ghost and comin' to EP, now I barely cut it for top 10. ******* geniuses

You can accomplish the same result more cheaply and humanely by putting them in a vat of acid. That it would be their bodies and brains dissolving and not their worlds is a detail irrelevant to all save philosophers and psychologists.

In a word no. My clients are a bit too straight to understand your take on things. (As am I for the most part). Still it would be fun to put you in a room with some of the more anally retentive clones and watch their pathetic little worlds dissolve around them. they neve cease to amaze me with their self justificatin for being professionally inept. I'm just a hypocrite as I bail out their messes and they pay me to do it.

You're right that an underdevelopment in one area doesn't necessitate an overdevelopment elsewhere, but mostly that seems to be the case. Which is why autistics are so good at their weird, autistic memory **** (and stamp collecting). And why blind people can hear really good (not underdevelopment, but certainly parts of the brain being re-tasked from no-longer-useful functions).<br />
<br />
And would you actually in a million years trust me to work for you?

Well i'd agree with you if it didn't feed your overdeveloped ego. You also make the assumption that the underdevelopment in empathy and so on leads to an overdevelopment elsewhere. maybe it doesn't. I like the idea that uncommon insight might just appear more intelligent, although i will admit (at the risk of being once again accused of being a kiss ***) that you are intelligent. Of course the downside of this is that your unerring capacity to reduce the straights to tears is unjustly supported by that ever expanding IQ. What about getting a nice paying job that reflects the smarts? You could come work for me.

I like some dogs. My landlady has this adorable little lap dog who's a total priss. But most dogs are smelly and nasty and way, way too friendly. I'm offended by any animal which assumes I'm going to be its friend.<br />
<br />
As for the correlation between sociopathy and intelligence, I think it's a confluence of factors. First off, the parts of our brains which process emotions and conscience and such tends to be underdeveloped, which would lead me to assume that other parts are overdeveloped. This results in a reduction of empathy, conscience, and complex emotive responses, which while not what we conventionally describe as intelligence, are all things which require a lot of neural processing to do.<br />
<br />
Secondly, we tend to have unusual perspectives on things due to the differences in how we see the world. This doesn't provide greater intelligence but it is a source of uncommon insight. And the fact that it's uncommon makes it seem more intelligent than it actually is. Which isn't to suggest it's not a product of intelligence.<br />
<br />
And thirdly, dumb sociopaths end up in jail rather than on the internet.<br />
<br />
And none of this should be taken as a denial of my unusually high intelligence even by sociopath standards. I am a ******* genius, after all.

Anna, i think the insanely bit is probably about right. And yes they are among the smartest on EP. they can write some entertaining stuff. aeko, i wonder if its because they are socios or is it because they are intelligent they became socios? just could see through all the bullshit and became crazy out of frustration. although DD mentions some trauma in his youth that thurned him in to a knife weidling maniac. Phage on the other hand is definately evil. how could she not love dogs.

Comes with the package, most of the time. True that, the smartest on EP are all socios from what I saw

Stevester, <br />
I appreciate you trying to help but I have to disagree. I will not be scared away from EP because of comments that disturb me... I mean, if it was really bothering me it would be easy enough to block users from seeing/contacting my profile... I have respect for everybody on this site even if it means chit-chat about the torture of animals.... but I simply requested they discuss it somewhere that I don't have to view it. <br />
<br />
To be quite honest I think that dewduster and phage (I haven't read anything from XC yet) are some of the most brilliant minds on EP... I mean seriously, these people are insanely intelligent.

I don't think that's exactly right, Stevester. I mean, she was respectable and polite with her request. So, it's not a big deal to move on to a different topic and leave this one alone. However, when you have the people who seem to just ask for it, it's fun to give them what's coming to them. At least, that's how I see it.

Nonsense. Dewduster is better described as "notoriously lecherous".

annalea, welcome to the weird world of the sociopaths. Such wreckless energy. the old adage, if you ignore them they'll go away doesn't apply in this case. If they sense weakness they will devour you. Phage and Dewduster are notoriously evil i would move to another site.

OK seriously, please go somewhere else.

I rarely hurt dogs, I'm more into ******* with their heads. They're very sensitive to body language and if you're clever you can make someone's dog flip the **** out all while pretending you're not doing anything at all. It's always worth a laugh.

The only spiders I can handle without freaking out, are baby ones. I'll let one crawl on my hands and make webs from finger tip to finger tip or from my wrist to the ground. I used to have a snake (ball phython - I named her Kiara), but my dad killed her. He put in the freezer because she bit him. He probably deserved it though.

Dog cruelty works too.

Ok, no more cat cruelty. How about dogs ? I like dogs

Phage, I would never ask you to stop commenting, I should have been more specific. <br />
<br />
Aeko: If you choose to torture cats - please post it on your own page!

I adore cats.

Can you move the Cat hating somewhere else please!

Imma try putting various kinds of bread on cats backs, see if that works. And the pickaxe thing was really more for the fun of bashing a cat on rocks than for science

Oh, that. I suppose that is a derivative of murphy's law, but the result is supposed to be levitation, and anyway you're doing it all wrong. Cat's don't work right with jam on their backs any more than they do with tape on their paws or after you pour soda on them (rather like computers in that respect). And besides, that only applies to bread and bread-like products, which cats clearly are not. What you need to do is affix the bread to the back of the cat in such a way that doesn't cause it to malfunction. It took Edison over a thousand tries to find the right kind of filament for a light-bulb, I expect no less dedication from you.<br />
<br />
As for pickaxes, I'd really rather go bowling than go pickaxing, and I'm pretty sure cats feel the same way. You might have to add some weights for extra momentum but they do slide fairly well on smooth surfaces.

... oh my.

They weren't mine, I used to live near a cat-loving hag. I did buy a kitty once but my dog ate it

Aeko,<br />
If you have a cat perhaps you should find it a loving family...<br />
I am concerned for you cat.

It's cause of murphy's law ( I think it's called that ) the jam side is supposed the fall on the ground but cats are supposed to land on their paws, so going by that cats with jam on their backs should spin in midair cause they can't land on both sides at once. I said they don't because I tried it ( hooray for boredom ) and it just splattered. I also know that they make really ****** pickaxes

Jam on their backs? Weird. How does that stop them from spinning?<br />
<br />
Also, you forgot to mention that they suck at burrowing, and I'd imagine they also have trouble in those fun house things for kids that are filled with little plastic balls.

Cats scientific fact #1 : They don't spin in midair if you put jam on their backs <br />
<br />
Cats scientific fact #2 : They suck at swimming ( and flying )<br />
<br />
Cats scientific fact #3 : Landing on all 4s doesn't ensure that they will walk away<br />
<br />
Cats scientific fact #4 : They don't completely explode when put in a oven

I knew there was a reason I adore cats.

I like to watch my cat hunt and catch a bird! She will pretend to loose interest and let the bird almost get away then pounce and bite it’s head off!...DD

Snakes are adorable, and don't you dare say otherwise! come and give my bear some therapy!!!

I will trade you... Bears are just misunderstood, snakes are devil-spawn haha.

Hmmmm...snakes..... think you need to meet my bear! Would make a snake cuddly.

Aww, I like snakes and spiders and reptiles. With a few exceptions, they tend to be very attractive in a fierce, sleek, predatory sort of way. Cats of all kinds (except fat ones, I dislike fat cats) have a special place in my heart, too.<BR><BR>Though I have to admit, I'm a little shy about actually touching spiders. They're so much fun to feed, though. I often leave spiders alone, even ones that are inside, because they're so cool.