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I will try to make a long story short. I lost my two beloved Samoyeds, one July 6 2008 and the other October 23, 2008. My first guy, Mr. Wheat the love of my life had prostate cancer. I was trying every remedy possible and having success for awhile. I had faith I could make this horrible cancer regress. What was the worst of all were the constant death sentences he received. I know Veterinarians are trained to euthaanize and that's there problem. My bigger problem was an inlaw who amliciously had said to euthanize him. How dare inlaws or anyone interfere. My guy I had before marriage and I was fighting the battle with him with faith we would win.

My other sweetheart passed from diabetic ketoacidosis. His a very sad case too. I blame myself for both. I had to much interference that was all negative. I am now in a Biology Master's program at the University of Nebraska. I am going to Vet-Med school afterwards. I intend pon making a difference once I get where I am going. Our family members and besrt friends are not treated right. Veterinarians today don't care as they should and take advantage of pet parents financially. I want to change things. These beautiful innocent people on four legs really get shafted. They do not get the credit they deserve. They know what's goping on and they know what is being said about them. I prefer my canis and felidae over humans by far. I have a great love and passion for them. Nothing else really matters to me after what I have seen and gone through.

In the past year and a half I have never come across so many horrible people in all my life. The worst being the so-called Mother in law. I don't know what gives people the right to interfere in every aspect of your life once you get married. When it is something malicious and godless it's a big issue in my book. I am venting. I hope to meet people who feel the same way I do about these people on all fours because they are the kindest souls in the world.

I am halfway through my Biology degree and looking forward to getting to Vet-Med school. I can't get there quick enough after what I have seen, heard and been though.

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Good luck on your dream pf being a vet. I too have lost furry friends mostly to old age but also to disease and it truly sucks. I have had a positive experience with extending the life of my buddy Hoot-- a ferret, using a herbal remedy essiac. Please don not let the vet school brain wash you into using only conventional medicine. our vet is a good one, but only gave Hoot 60 days. It has now been 7 months. There are alternatives to drugs. Take care and again good luck.

Sounds like you are putting your anger into being constructive for our four-legged family. I lost a 13 old golden retriever prior to last Xmas. Guilt and grieving are always difficult. However, "feeling" love and gratitude for having them in your life will allow healing for yourself. <br />
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Absolutely change the world for animals!!! They are also caught in the process of the ugly "greedy" medical cycle...same as two-leggeds. Try and have compassion for people who are merely ignorant.<br />
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I have worked with animals in the capacity of energetic healing...reiki and cranio-sacral. Have 11 horses, two dogs, three cats and plenty of wildlife on the land. They are amazing teachers.<br />
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As opposed to humans, animals do not retain subconsious walls and accept healing energy with tremendous zeal. They absolutely "know" what is going on.<br />
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Were your dogs were picking up on your energies and retaining them to assist you? Animals do this quite often for their owners. The following are somato-emotional connections to disease. Cancer = failing to take action of long-standing life conflicts. The prostate is related to 2nd chakra - sexuality, creativity, duality and relationships pertaining to this. Diabetes - the inability to find joy and sweetness in life. <br />
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The death of your two beloved canines are catalyzing change for you....through your work in veterinary medicine. Sometimes anger is a necessary component for growth.