Tigers declared to be extinct in Cambodia. My heart is shattered. We're responsible for the words 'extinct' and 'endangered'. Our selfish and cruel behavior has no boundaries. It still astonishes me that we have legal serial killers known as hunters in the 21th century.
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Do some research. You'll find that this is part of life, species come and species go, over 90% of all species have gone extinct . . . and humans were not the cause. There are many reasons for extinction, in some cases the gene pool just goes dry. Do you know why zoos loan animals to other zoos? To keep the gene pool diverse through breeding, so that the species remains viable. Interbreeding of a small group of animals eventually leads to the extinction of that line of animals. The same is true in the wild. So it's easy to blame ourselves for it (and those raising funds for whatever reason) make use of that false narrative. In many cases species have gone extinct because their natural predators were more viable, and they removed them from the environment.