Loving Animals

I love animals! Every since I was a little girl I had this huge love and understanding for animals that most people did not understand. I wanted to live among them care for them and share my life with them. I would find wounded wild creatures as a child and nurse them to health as an adult I live among and care for 10 koi fish,5 cats,three dogs and two horses. I would have a whole zoo if I could people think ewww that many animals. I say of corse I would have more if I could afford it!! Animals are innocent kind loving loyal and smart! They feel the same feelings we do every one of the same feelings! They are the only things in my life that never hurt me and only love me no matter what! Our animals are on loan to us from God and compared to our life span they have a small one. They are angles to be cherished while they are with us until God calls them away. Still after that they live in our hearts forever! I really really love animals!!!
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I also love animals and want to get to know them better - I am especially curious about big dogs

I know the love your talking about. I have many animals that i share my life with. I have a cow and a hefier, they have a life span of 15 years. So I cheerish everyday I have with them, good & bad.<br />
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I liked your story very much

People like u are needed in tis cruel world :)

Great story!

Honey I can totally relate to that. I have been around cats all my life and really had no friends. They became family to me. I have a very in depth understanding of cats. Most people don't realize just how deeply cats sense peoples emotions. It's a warning system to them. For instance if they sense your anger they may try to avoid you. If your face even feels tense they can sense it as anger. Yet on the same token I can start crying and they come running to comfort me or ready to fight whoever or whatever made me cry. People are so heartless and mean sometimes I wish I could live like old grizzly adams alone in the wilderness. Animals never call you names or intentionally hurt you. People do!

People who are cruel to animals are cruel to people too as it is compassion for all living things that they don't have. I don't understand hunters who hunt for the sport. To me there is certainly something wrong with them. They may like their dog or domestic pet but go hunting on the weekend shooting innocent animals. It is the human who is the worst animal on this earth.

That is very sweet of you.

I feel the same way! I have 6 rescued cats. :)

I used to like animals that way.But then I changed so i'm not bothered to care about anyone anymore.Still though everytime my friend tells me about her friend stuffing a firework up a cats *** and watching it explode makes me want to kill someone.Not a cat though.

I love animals too, but I find that animals can hurt me too. I had a cat who had been abused before he was rescued, and he bit me repeatedly. I found out that it hurt me emotionally, just as much as physically. I wanted to believe that I could fix this broken hurting cat, but I could not. I eventually had to give him up. So, animals can hurt me, and people can hurt me, but that's no reason to stop loving either one. When I watched that movie "Year of the Dog" with molly shannon, I thought it was so apt, how this lady let her life be shattered by her care for animals, but this love of animals did end up in her connecting with other people who loved animals, all of whom seemed in the movie to be just as wounded as she was, if not more. I found it interesting that she moved into a small world of PETA-types, and found the rest of the world unsympathetic. <br />
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The most bright part of that movie was when her corporate zombie of a boss gets a dog, and the dog brings back some humanity to this otherwise sterile man. I think animals can make us better humans, if they are the only ones we have to offer love and care to, that can be enough for some people.<br />
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To me it seemed, though, incomplete, if caring for animals is where your life's work of caring stops. It was like she was wounded emotionally just like the wounded rescue dogs she cared for. The dogs were like a manifestation of her interior struggle with the rest of the human race.<br />
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I would have liked the film better if the animals had taught her a way to be be nurturing, and to receive nurturing care, from other human beings. A human alone among animals is less alone than a human with no company at all, but the society of humans with other humans is a great gift to all of us. I just hope that nobody ever thinks that loving animals and humans is an "either/or" proposition.<br />
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aww (^_^)<br />
that's alot of pets!<br />
i'm envious

I dont find anything unusual with your feelings. It's simply because I feel the same way too! Those treating bad with animals, especially dogs and cats, are so pathetic and not worthy of my respect.

You have good understanding of nature for sure ,i realy love them too even i hate people who miss treate animals.<br />
some times i ask my self why some people enjoy the game of hunting !!!! killing creatures for funny <br />
hahaaaa one day they will be huntered,<br />
Some kill animals for clothing hahaaa why do they spare cotton and use animal skins cray world<br />
They forgot that God created us without clothes.<br />
ok my dear girl keep up loving nature.