Love May Not Be A Strong Enough Word...

Hmmm. Lemme see, I will start with Mazda Kitty. Found under a minivan, starving, greasy, flea infested. Very tiny and scared. (We were looking at a Mazda-came home with the kitty.) Took an hour to catch him-we were afraid he would be run over running onto the busy highway right beside us.Best part was watching my 16 year old daughter climb under that greasy van in her good clothes pleading with the kitty to come to her. He eventually succumbed. Then we have Wally, found hanging around a local sandwich shop-smart cat. Feet and some of his body were burned from the hot tar they were redoing the roof with. Wanderer, dumped off at a cvs, I guess they were trying to give him away, he was the last one, so they left him. Then we have Jimmy Fred. Was told he was a mini potbelly pig. Oh, he's got the potbelly, but there's nothing mini about him. Turns out he is crossed with a piney woods rooter, and he is huge. Sweetest pig you will ever meet. Thinks he's a dog or a human. No matter, he is mama's special baby. 3 horses, Hotshot, Lily and Tahoe. We also had Kahlua, but he passed away from old age and ill care all his life, he lived like a king while he was here, and I miss him.  A sugar glider Sphynxy, who was given to me by a breeder who no longer cares to breed. She's never been socialized, so she's a handful. I know that it is not her fault, she is scared and out of her element, so I make her as comfortable as I can, and I love her. She gets better everyday. Then there is Snakey Poo, a ball python bought as a gift, but the owners were moving and couldn't take him. I am petrified of snakes, but couldn't see just letting him die, so I bought books, researched on the internet, and 2 years later he is 5 times the size and actually quite loveable-for a snake. LOL. Which brings me to my daughter's beloved rat, Sherman, who she saved from being Snakey Poo's dinner, because she saw something in him. And he is wonderful and we all love him dearly.  On to the dogs-Lucky who at 4 weeks old was shot in the side and thrown out with 2 other of his littermates and left for dead. But he was very much alive with a determination you rarely see. The bullet could not be removed, but neither could his spirit. Today he hops with his back legs almost fused together, is on constant meds for his joints, but he is a happy, loyal companion who never lets me down and I will always do the same for him. He is Great Pyranese and Yellow Lab, and 100 percent heart. There's Ming, who my son and I saw on the side of the road and thought he was dead. Completely emaciated and bleeding from everywhere, we brought him home and took turns hand feeding him for a month, day and night. Obviously a fighter who would't fight- turned into a bait dog and tossed like garbage. Well, you know what they say, one man's trash .Well that trash is now our 75 pound American Staffordshire treasure. He is goofy beyond goofiness and will play with anything. We have to hide the garbage from him because an old plastic lid or a vegetable bag is a seemingly irrisistable toy. Around here, if your missing anything, the first place you look is Mings special hiding place. There are many more and I'm planning on sharing all these stories with you, but duty calls and I must  be off to work. Caring for these waifs is expensive. My experience so far has been happy, sad, and sometimes angry. But my greatest experience, which the animals have all given me is a stronger word or emotion than love.

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I love our animals mom!

And thank you also, Laurie-they are all wonderful and it is I who is lucky to have them. And I'm sure you have guessed, I feel the same way about people. An animal's love is truly unconditional, and when I come across one who bites out of fear or is food agressive I know that some stupid human has unwittingly caused the abnormality and that that animal will take longer to come around. So I bunker down and prepare for it. Amazingly, I don't have that many scars. LOL.

Thank you, ATwitch. How comforting your comment is to me instead of the usual "you're crazy" or "you need help". I get so sick of those views. I look at it like if I don't, who will. yes there are shelters and animal groups out there to help, but they are all missing one crucial ingredient, and that is EMPATHY. After a while I believe they all just grow cold and distant and seperate themselves from the emotion of it all. It becomes a job and these animals suffer for it. I am personally sick of it.