Can I Keep Him Mummy????

I absolutely love animals!!! 

The ones that i can cuddle are my absolute favourite! :D I have always wanted a puppy but never really got the chance to have one

I've grew up with a RottweilerXGermanShepard her name was Jade! she was a beautiful dog and she always looked after me and even growled

at my dad once when he was trying to chuck me in the pool! : )

I've also had fish (didnt really enjoy it), I've had a guinea pig called Nibbles, and a Rabbit called Baileys and a fair few birds as well. 

At the moment i have a cat called Tiger and he is my baby he's a big cat he's 7kg. My friend was going to put him down because she couldnt find him a home and couldnt keep him and i said there is no such thing! i wont hear of it and took him in... i wasnt too fond of cats.... but I have absolutely fallen in love with him! 

He has such a character and you can really tell when he misses me! : ) 

He treats me like a couch and gives me plenty of kisses and greets me at the door and barely ever meows only when he's really hungry and we still havent fed him

I would love to own all the pets from RSPCA and just save all the animals i can.

My heart is big enough for all of them. : )

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6 Responses Feb 14, 2010

awww yeah its hard when that happens. and you dont want to get another pet to take her "place" as such but its always good to find another pet you can connect with and look after.

I used to have a Japanese Spitz named angel, but she got lost when she got out of our gate. We've tried looking for her but still we couldn't find her. It happened 2 years ago but still we could not replace her.

at the moment i only have one cat. but i definately want more pets!!! i'd love a puppy! : ) but yeah i've always said that i want a big back yard so i can go to all the shelters and rescue all the animals! : ) what pets do you have?

You're welcome. How many pets do you have now? Do have plans in having more?<br />
I like to have pets myself.

Thanks! but i think its the other way around! im definately the lucky one!!! What are the odds that i'd actually find a cat as affectionate as this one! : )

I admire what you did in adopting your friend's cat. I wish you and your baby the best. He's lucky to have you.