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From when I was very young, I've always loved animals.  Pets have included:  several stray dogs, cats, animals from the shelter, parakeets, fish.  The most animals I've ever had at one time was 2 dogs and 4 cats with fish.  And although I insanely love animals, I admit I haven't always been nice to them.  Nothing mean like breaking frog legs and throwing them on ants (I know a friend that did that!)   As a kid, I used to play with the parakeet tails sticking out from between the cage wires.  Sometimes hold on to it and watch them squawk and struggle for a little before releasing it.   Or sometimes I used to enjoy scaring the fish from one side of the fish tank to the other, using the fish net to chase them.

Good fun.  Animals are fun to play with!

Currently I have a 4 year old aussie I've had since she was a pup, and just recently adopted 2 stray kittens that a friend's been caring for.  This week Friday I'm finally having my dog spayed, and going to take the other two cats as well.  Under the Neuter Now State program, I was able to get 3 certificates to have it done.  Calling to make an appointment somewhere close to my house was fustrating I couldn't get anyone within 3 months.  But I got lucky and found an animal clinic near my workplace.  I'm told it will cost an additional $200-$300 PER animal for meds, misc lab work, etc they may each need.  If this isn't love for animals I donno what is!  This whole spay/neuter thing for all my animals will cost me approximately $1000.

Every year, I contribute at least $50-$100 to the ASPCA to give them support.

I attended a Cesar Millan seminar when he was in my state, with 2 other co-workers.  The ticket costed about $110 but it was a very worthwhile, interesting and very funny experience I wouldn't trade.

I am fascinated by wilderness animals as well and besides the Animal Planet channel, I also enjoy watching the National Geographic channel.

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Hopefully with spay/neuter and good citizens like you, we can shutter most of the animal shelters. Most pet shops in AZ usually give the buyer a coupon for spay/neuter, $50-65. Includes everything.