Life Without Them

I have always been raised with animals. I just can't get enough of them. I think I have been bit in every square inch of my body by dogs, but that still doesn't stop me. At this moment I have a horse, Hot- Shot. She is a mess. Worst horse ever but me and her get along well. I can't ride her very well but I still love her all the same. Two dogs, a chihuahua (Gollumy) and a catahula-leopard hound/ american pit mix (Grease). Gollumy is crazy. She is always stuck up my boyfriends butt. She only likes me when he yells at her. We got her because these people gave us 2 chihuahuas (brother & sister) well they failed to mention that the sister was prego and out popped a little gollumoo! She is the sweetest and the only one of 3 that survived. Grease oh man. She is the meanest dog ever. She hates other dogs and I am the only person she listens to. My mother gets so mad because she will call her and she ignores her! It cracks me up. She sleeps with me and never leaves my side. She is very overprotective and I love it. I have a rat. His name is Sherman, he thinks he is a dog. The only creature I really liked!! He is sweet and loves to run around and chew on my hair. My mother is a dog groomer and she rescues dogs. We have 15 dogs, 4 puppies, 3 horses, a snake, a sugarglider, a rat, a pig, chickens, and cats. We love animals and thats our life. We couldn't be us without them. And I thank god everyday for them!

destinybrooke93 destinybrooke93
18-21, F
Feb 21, 2010