Taming The Wild

  What and opportune time to join this..with the news all a buzz about the whale at Sea world and attacking and killing a trainer..Who is not surprised?? I mean this is and always an accident waiting to happen.. You take a creature made to rule the waters they inhabit and put them in a pool the size of a peanut and expect them to live a 30 + year  life happy.  Who thinks this is crazy?? I know I do. The same thing happends to near all  wild critters brought into our world to be exploited by mankind for the mighty dollar bill.. I do not blame any wild animal that fights back and either mames or kills in captivity..It is wrong God never wanted this to be this way and yet it is ..so He managed to give courage to a few to fight back and win ...bravo!!

Skizzled Skizzled
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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

I also think it is wrong to keep animals locked up in small places. They need to be out in the open and be free. i know i wouldn't like to be kept and forced to preform tricks.