Animals Are Great

to any one out there i think animals are the best friends we can have, shame about the small minority who dont like them,but for me they are cute, kind and need a lot of loving i have had all sorts of animals but mainly cats and dogs, i have even kept a tarantula once although my first wife diden't like but i was deter mend not to get rid of it  i would like to know what people think of this.


secretad secretad
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5 Responses Mar 15, 2010

very true

animalls are certainly easier than people

cricky, that must cost a lot to feed all of them, heres me thinking my two cats cost enough, are you going to get any more animals

does any one know how to give there cats thier front line, because one of my cats gets all stressed up when he is due, i have to put a coat over him to hold him, he is a wriggerlar

I agree. I have had 2 monkeys, a raccoon, a hawk, fish, dogs, and cats. I loved them all. Currently I have 2 inside cats and 4 outside cats. Animals are great friends.