My father introduced me to two series' called Chobits and Vampire Princess. I fell in love with both of them. Then he started showing me ones like kelido star and His and Her circumstances. It took me a while to relise that he was trying to teach me somthing.
I was having trouble with the girls at school teasing me about my weight. I developed anarexia and just lost interest in almost everything. It wasn't until someone else was being bullied and I literally marched up to the group of girls and gave them a sepal about "bulling others is only hurting yourselves" that it sunk in. Dad was sending me subliminal messages about not giving into bully's and ignoring what other people thought of me. I really do pity those that say anime is a waste of time. Because I think there's something everyone can learn for anime and manga.
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Anime is pretty big on having it's characters learn stuff and develop, so I can't see how it can ever be seen as a waste of time.<br />
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Besides it taught me how to insult people in Japanese, so it's a great resource for a number of different reasons.

I agree, Blessings, livingwell