What The Hell!!!!!

Used to think Anime, cartoons all for little children who don't get to play outside much. Surf or watch t.v.???? That's a no brainer! LOL so I thought. Anyhoo, I get my first debit card and what is my fist online purchase that I am alll proud like about? NETFLIX!!! LOL What do I end up watching??? The Sacred Blacksmith! A Anime series! LOL And Holy SH&! I love it! Dammit! Anyhoo it's probably really really old but not a lot of new stuff on Netflix anyway. I don't know yet if I am going to turn out to be a huge fan or anything like that. For now, I sure am enjoying it.
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3 Responses May 22, 2012

Ooo~ so this so this was your first encounter with anime? =P I remember mine...I never knew of it until was a sophomore in the HS library, Good and Bad. Good, got to see NinjaScroll and got me hooked to see other stuff. Bad, kinda lolz, the librarian walked in on us randomly and saw us watching the anime WHICH wasn't a x-rated anime...but she just HADDDD to walk in during one of the few sex scenes it did have *fallsdown* ...afterwards went to the store and bought he first anime that striked my interest. Vampire Hunter D. It's just plain awesome. Well well before all the Twilight-saga huff'n'fluff stuff (= AS for netflix anime...should try Spice and Wolf^^

:) The dark side I like that. Thank you. Some of the stories are a little lame but I think I'm hooked!

Good to see that you've joined the dark side.. :) *hands you a special cookie* congrats and I hope you find many good series ^^