My Favorite Things

The only thing that I like to do in my spare time is watch, draw, or read anime/manga.... ive seen at least 100 animes and ive read at least 300 mangas... plus my room is covered in anime dawings
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Are you on DeviantART?


Oh ok. It's a great place to share art.

Same here

I do too! Especially drawing- it takes my mind off a lot of things

Me too :3 but I also skateboard and I'm with friends a lot :)

Same I find its very relaxing.

Which ones?

drawing my own anime/manga and watching some of my favorite shows, I even do my own stories. I have been a fan of it sense I was kid in grade three.

I love anime.

We should get along great!! <( ^ . ^ )> What kind of things do you usually draw?

I'll draw any thing related to anime

I kinda mix realism with anime...(cute but sometimes scary faces are usually the result) I've also drawn some Jrockers... specifically Uruha and Ruki&lt; (who ended up with a way too small body even though he's a midget anyway)

Then mostly fantasy characters from games and anime....


There some quite good and read them quite a lot as well, i am a fan of hokuto no ken. I prefer to read them when they are complete, its sad having to wait for the next volume, then the next when the story is good. Got any to recommend me?

Well have you ever read d.gray-man it's really good

I gave it a look, its quite good as you say, thanks, i didnt have any to read after yakitate japan.