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I noticed for me anime was way to entertain myself when i was lonely.
It provided me excitement, ways to distract myself fact i was lonely and bored and didnt have hope for future. At one point it gave me actually motivation to work for my future and i realized i was actually happier than before.
Kojomi Kojomi
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I struggle to put these feeling you laid out into words, I feel the same way. Although family has always made me feel ashamed of reading it so I guess I got some kind of stress disorder from it and now try to keep it a secret from everyone and when they know I feel sorta ashamed for some reason. I think of it as my vice. It's highly addictive and better yet, I was motivated to start Taekwondo after watching Naruto, I'm on Brown belt level now and continue to be inspired by the manga I read daily. The history's strongest desciple for instance or the fighting: ippo!

Wow, nice
I had..well my family is okay but i had some troubles with parents and all..they think what i do is waste of time and i should be studying all time :S. Really great to hear about that Taekwondo :D for me it would be pretty hard because of my current health.

That's a good way to look at it; I guess that's kind of how anime used to be for me too.^^

It really helped those times. Now Im more different person, i still love anime and Im happy i found it :D

I'm glad you found something that helps. Music seems to be my medicine these days.

Yeah it also helps lot, i wasnt that interested in music, till my friend send me random youtube links.

Check out Dimrain47 and Nemesis Theory on YouTube. You can dl their music for free on

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