My Brother Who Lost All Interest In 3d Girls.

We both love anime. It's a huge part of my life and so is my brother's. But, he told me one day that he really loved this girl from an anime (which title I've already forgotten). I thought it was normal because I'm also like that. I really do honestly love some characters from particular anime: Death Note - L & Liar Game - Akiyama (I've recently fallen for Akiyama, just 3 days ago). At one point, he told me he lost all interest in 3D girls. It was new to me but I wasn't shocked. Could I relate to that? Possibly never. I knew he hated girls ever since he was kid and maybe anime led him to a world where he thought girls could actually be kind. Seeing him in school, he has never approached girls and he had always kept his distance from them but that preserved attitude of his strangely managed to charm quite a lot of girls (sounds familiar?). I thought I ought to share this story since I'm the closest to my brother in the family. So, is there anyone here who's had, or possibly have, a similar scenario?
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My sister is in with gay guys in animes and mangas she said that she prefer 2d man to 3d man