Im pretty sure im on the verge of being an anime and manga addict. Ive read and watched at least 300 mangas and animes. I watched an entire 12 episode series in a day and have read 40 chapters worth another day. During summer, when I have free time (which is rare) I loooove watching anime. (Yes, i have a social life but like, other than that lol) My favorite currently is Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun. Its A-FLIPPIN-MAZING!. Best Ive seen in a long time. Its fresh and absolutely hilarious. Its also not very predictable and the characters on so well developed and straight-forward it leaves you craving for more! MUST SEE! But yeah....need to finish watching the 4 new animes I started and those 2 mangas....Gonna take awhile with school, sports, wanting to hang out with friends, the holidays....just so much. But yeah, Im pretty sure you can call me an anime addict lol. Or "otaku" I guess I should say ;) But Im not only one right? :)
cherryblossom2127 cherryblossom2127
18-21, F
Nov 13, 2012